Is Christianity dying in the US and Canada?

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Christianity: Dying or growing in strength?

Is Christianity dying in America? Every time I turn my TV on, it's filled with poison and self-glorifying trash. Newspaper articles and pole indicate a decline in professing Christians. Magazines and books of all kinds mock Jesus and His followers. At first glance, it's seemingly obvious that the US is exchanging its Christian roots for an atheistic future.

But are there other possibilities? Maybe the millions of nominal Christians who only professed belief are gone, leaving a stronger, more vibrant community of dedicated followers of Jesus. As it has become less popular to be a Christian, the church is now filling with passionate believers in word and action.

Professing atheism was much less acceptable 80-100 years ago. It was socially expected that you call yourself a Christian and go to church. That's just what everyone did. The few exceptions were looked down upon by most of the populace. Now, it is the fanatical follower of Jesus who is disdained.

As a result, the so-called "Christians" who actually speak and act more like atheists and agnostics are a much smaller group. If it's not trendy to be a Jesus freak, why would anyone boldly follow Jesus just to be popular? This would decrease the percentage of Christians in polls and other statistics, but strengthen the church and increase dedication.

We see this magnified in China and other nations where Christians are reviled and persecuted. The more the body of Christ in despised and rejected, the stronger and more passionate the Church becomes. People see the love and joy real Christians have, and they want that too. But who wants the lukewarm life many "Christians" have?

This is one reason the numerical decline in Christians is really a positive. Even more important to the future of Christianity in the US is the number of young people who have a zeal and fire to do great things for God. Frank Pavone of Priests for Life recently noted that there's a "strong and ever-growing involvement of young people in all aspects of the fight to end abortion."

Other pro-life groups, including Bound 4 Life-a group made up of mostly young people-are also growing in leaps and bounds. The Christian youth of our nation are no longer lukewarm, nominal believers! We are developing a zest and fervor for Jesus Christ. Passionate Jesus freaks, young an old, predict an exciting future for Christianity in America and around the world.

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